Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chandelier Candles of Differing Heights

Outside Downtown French Bird Cage Chandelier

Look at this!  Such an easy change to any 'ol chandelier or sconce.  May only look right with three or more candles.  A multi-tiered fixture would be over the top dramatic.  Keep in mind that it should look like some candles have burned longer than others - I think it really works!

Oh! Of course, I see that the bird cage is amazing...tell me if you choose to be the next owner.  Would love to feature a photo of your space and this chandelier.

Add 1st Dibs to your favorites list for researching styles in furniture and fashion.  While broadening your knowledge of designers and dealers reading the articles in their Introspective Magazine.  Must go now...

The brine for the (real) Turkey is nearly cooled and needs to go into the fridge.  Hubby's practice Turkey on the Weber was perfect.  A golden mahogany color worthy of a Martha Stewart cover story!  He is now much more relaxed about Thursday.  Brine recipe here.

Cheers!  Linda

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