Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture, Color, Size...Wha' Happened To Function?

I picked this from Habitually Chic today.  I concur about Bunny Williams' design esthetic and I am sure that she is a terrific gal (trusting that Heather is one too so she'd know) but, this side table is one miscalculated peripheral vision accident waiting to happen.

Imagine the cuppa tea or (heavens!) cocktail sliding off the waterfall edge onto (what carpet could I afford if I can purchase this table?) the precious floor covering below.  LOVE the texture (wood or leather?).  Must appreciate the warm color.  The size is versatile for most rooms.  Just hope it is strong enough to use as a stool as that is what I would recommend.  Unless.  You know you would ALWAYS look before setting your beverage of choice upon this precariously designed side table.

Maybe it's just me...I rarely look.  A matter of trust.  Drink up!  Linda

Better yet:  Choose the cluster of side tables as cocktail (or coffee) table seen in the background.

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