Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Motto, Thought For The Day, Mantra....?

I have only just scanned this issue of Architectural Digest but have written and used this statement twice today.  This may be just clear and simple enough for me to recall when I need to remember, "all this, and heaven as well".  Brings a smile to my face.

Scanning a new magazine I go through them back to front and fold down corners on pages that I find something I like.  Second time I pick the mag up I go through front to back and read some of the articles. Third time through I have a pen ready to circle article content and make comments on photo details I want to resource later - I also complete reading all articles.  Fourth time - I tear pages and make unruly stacks which can be found in boxes under the stairwell.  They wait in this limbo until I return to put them into plastic pages and 3 ring binders, which are in the book case ready for my next project.

Wish the online magazines were so time consuming and satisfying!  :-)  Linda

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