Sunday, November 27, 2011

I found my words in someone else's article

Originally posted on October 3, 2011.  (I attempted to add links and when "reposting" it changed to todays date and I don't know how to change it baaaack.)  A repeat to you maybe, but new to most who find it today!    Enjoy, Linda   ;-)

Thank you Slim Paley!  Your article in The Huffington Post is my solution/explanation for today's entry.

Our family has been off line, mostly, for another week and never "on" when I had the time to learn a bit more about how all this works.  Note: still no pictures - which is driving me Nutz!
We were lucky to travel to a 50th Birthday Party Theme 1961.  My favorite costumes were from the "future" vintage 1969.   I may, seriously, start wearing false eyelashes.   And have considered (briefly) hair spray on occasion since "gluing" my party "Do".  (It would be so great to show you pictures - HERE)

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  1. Happy to see that we share the same sense of humour ! In design and in life. Happy blogging !!!Great to see your blog too. Loved your comment on my blog about becoming a design star !! How do I get on THAT list ? The one that shoots me straight to fame ? :))) Cheers !! Big hugs, Lynne


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