Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grid Patterns

View onto the patio.


Cheers!  Linda   ;-)


  1. I am very thankful to your for sharing the beautiful design of the patio .

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  2. Love your patio! I have serious patio furniture envy. Those tables are great. Where sis you get the white set?
    Love it all!

    1. The tables are weather aged IKEA nearly 5 years old, I think. The white ("sand") set is a Brown Jordan set I scooped up from my parents when they moved 12ish years ago.

      A five star rating to our local "Patio Guys" who repainted and re-strapped them recently. Another example of why before pictures are so important to take - they were faded black frames and saddle brown straps circa 1976.

      Note how you misspelled "did" - love it! My blog "sis"? :-)


  3. OMG, Wow what a marvelous patio design this is , I have never the patio before that in Grid pattern.

    1. O how I wish you were here in the US! Your portfolio is full of well thought out Grid patterns. Especially love the squares of lawn offset with square patio surface and then the repeat of patio material in the lawn border.

      Well done! We are currently redesigning sloped garden into patios with retaining walls. The challenge is my desire for design and the reality of construction costs. We'll see if I can find a contractor willing to work with a tight budget and a plan with atypical design.

      Thank you for commenting - you made my day!

  4. Your patio design is full inspiration , I am very glad to see such fabulous design. Have fun decorating!
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