Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dishes Disposable and Reusable

Inspired by, but not limited to, Picnicware.....

Designer Virginia Sin creates plates from porcelain and 
recycled paper from her Brooklyn, NY studio. 

To create this series, Virginia Sin shredded actual paper plates, (which were also previously used to mold the plates) and then combined the paper pulp with porcelain slip to create her own unique batch of environmentally sound "paperclay", which requires only one firing, as opposed to several with traditional clay. The porcelain paper plates have a wonderful delicate feel to them and, according to Virginia, are actually as light and thin as actual paper plates. 

Each plate is one-of-a-kind, individually slab-rolled & handmade. Miicro-wave and dishwasher safe. Available in matte white & glossy white. three sizes 5.5", 8" and 12" dia. starting at $39, and available in matte or glossy.

buy here via gnr8.biz

via Virginia Sin

Scottish ceramics designer, Rebecca Wilson, has created handmade paper cups resembling classic Wedgewood china. 

Hand-built from cast sheets of handmade paper, using stained dyed paper and embossed relief details in white.  
Made from sustainable materials and fully recyclable.

 She calls them, "Finest Picnicware".  

buy HERE          $29 for 12   (saucers not included)

Happy picnic styl'n!     Linda   :-)

My thanks to Marianne Rohrlich of The New York Times and her "Registry" column (August 19, 2012), for the items featured in this post.

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