Sunday, April 1, 2012

Street Fashion Becomes Room Design

This Parisian fashionista has inspired me to create a room....

via The Satorialist

These wing chairs (her coat)....and the lamp (shinny shoes)...white walls (socks)....ok, the rug too (sleeves - black or navy stripes will work)....ok! I also want the coffee table (socks and the brown heels of her shoes)

via photographer Michael Graydon and blog House of Anais

Sofa of your choice (her color block handbag).........hopefully, you have room for two (set opposite each other) and then I would tell encourage you to choose the first and third.  (yeah, I would!)

#1    image via here    Designed by Jaime Hayon
#2       image via here
#3         image via here

Modern Essentials
Navy pillows (her denim pants, 3rd color in the handbag and her knit gloves) for the sofa.
Please choose large square or lumbar shaped pillows - small squares are just....too small.

another look

A very important pillow (the strap on her handbag) to add to the sofa or chairs...

And a black fur throw inspired by her scarf.

Fur Source

If you are not a throw pillow person (there must be some) let's add blue with the end tables....
via blog Modern Jane
....remember you don't need to find a matching pair - just match them by painting with the same color.

Other decor items to consider.....

via Reggie Darling

These emerald green items are inspired by our
model's sweater sleeve.  (Look closely...)

In designing this room based solely on our inspiration photo it is very easy to get carried away....

always come back to the inspiration you find and remind yourself of the balance of elements, textures and color. (and in this case, her cool factor!)

Now watch me get carried away,

If "we" can not afford (in our budget or space plan) two sofas I would love to see a pair of these POOFS opposite sofa #3.....

via CB2

Whether it's getting carried away or just having fun with decor and fashion - let us not be afraid.  :-)

Cheers!  Linda

P.S.  Who else noticed the stone wall behind our model?  Try not to hyper focus - inspiration is all around!

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  1. Linda, Very cool. Love how you connect all the dots and look at things in a different way!!
    Have a good week.


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