Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank You For Following, Subscribing and Mentions

To My  Followers,
You simply ROCK!  First one was sweet Daughter.  Yes I strongly encouraged her to follow Mom....I needed her to!

Kim of Northern California Style 

Kim from Northern California Style who earns BIG points for also having me listed on her blog roll!     Kim has a following of 11 (yeah for her) and is my most commenty commenter - I have enjoyed her company and friendship immeasurably!

Sami of Pontificals Porch

Sami at Pontificals Porch (23 Followers) is a gem who describes herself as a junker, writer and designer.  (yes, a kindred spirit)  I love that her hair is whiter than mine and she may have been on this earth longer, but get her latest post on Haz Punk!  (have you ever?!)

Sherry of Design Indulgence
Sherry who writes Design Indulgence has a whopping 994 Followers and says she would love to partner with me in a Pop Up Shop, if only she was closer than Atlanta.  (I believe her!)

Valerie of Design Caller
Valerie of Design Caller (30 Followers) who is also from Atlanta, (Hey - are you beginning to notice what I am beginning to notice?  How darn cute are each of these ladies?! )

Leslie of Trouversoleil
Leslie (ok, clearly a professional photo shoot.... - atta girl!) of Trouversoleil "Finding The Sun" has a commendable 129 followers and a recent post had drawn 62 comments - are you kidding me? 
She lives in Seattle now - (get this connection...) we "balanced" the west coast population count when  I moved here from Tacoma, she moved ....from Los Angeles!

London Art Preview 
And then there is my first International Follower London Art Preview.  I can only imagine that he/she/they have found me via my post on the art of Yayoi Kusama.  Attracting 275+ views, it is my most popular post ever!

We ("Bibba" & I) had a comment exchange when I responded to the post they/she/he wrote "Why do humans bother to create art?" (my observation was thought provoking enough for her/they/him to reply)

A recap:  I have SEVEN followers and have never had more than 2 comments on a post.  If it were not for Kim (let us praise her!) I may not have but one here or there.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

My subscribers (all family and friends) are a quiet bunch....I love them all none the less!



 *enjoys directing suggesting ideas   (I've created this, I encourage her as my muse.)

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Mentions  I hold in the highest regard...  

Ragland Hill Social's Gwen Driscoll answered a question I had asked within her blog post - this resulted in many hits on my blog from the random and curious.

Splendid Market's Emily Heston awarded me one of her holiday giveaway treasures (tote bag, match box & notepad) I carry proudly while fleamarketing.

My Prizes!    photo by Splendid Market

Recipe reward if you've read this far....  Lentil Burritos

 a snack while cooking
Ingredients (not exact measurements) 

1+  cup uncooked lentils - prepare (follow package directions              for cooking)
2 cans stewed tomatoes (S&W have lowest sodium)

1 bunch rainbow chard - separate stems (thin sliced) from       greens (rough chiffonade)

1/2 onion  -  chopped
2 cloves garlic - minced

black pepper
sea salt
red pepper flakes
chile powder
cayenne powder
2 small bay leaves

water if needed while simmering all but lentils

Chard and onion w/salt & pepper - saute
Soften onion and chard stems in olive oil.

Add chard greens, garlic, spices (to taste - maybe 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, salt & chile powder.  1/4+ teasp cayenne.  1 teasp cumin.  careful with red pepper flakes), tomatoes and  water if needed.

Saute until really cooked down.

Add cooked lentils when done (or nearly done - they will cook more in the green mixture)

Serve in flour tortillas with cheese and avocado - or ?  =
Your favorite stuffings!

Enjoy  :-)
Tomato & spices added - cook down before adding lentils
Cheers!  Linda


  1. I love chard and kale and this looks so good!!


    1. Thanks so much for the mention!! Keep writing and I subscribed via email to make sure I'm notified when you post something.

      (Yes a professional photo Lol! Seattle Magazine: an article regarding "pet friendly Seattle" )

      Enjoy the start of your week!

  2. Oh! and did you figure out who the girls are? Seahawk Sea Gals :)

    1. Leslie - Your thrilling Ladder Truck experience with cute Firemen, and Seahawk Sea Gals (your daughter must be one too!) is getting your readers all worked up!
      Love how they could NEVER ride the ladder as you did - or look as Glamorous as you did doing it!
      But, probably would have if the same Firemen were there to hold on to. :-)

      Great to hear from you - Cheers!

  3. Linda! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for the mention. Wish all bloggers were as nice. I really need to get a new picture! ;P

    What I love about your blog is that it's so original and different. You don't fit into any one category and I love that! Like today you are so funny with the recipe reward!! I can't wait to try that -love lentils. Great writing too!

    One thing that I did recently realize, is that unless someone is a blogger, it's really hard to comment. They have to start an account. Look at your stats and you will see a lot more readers than you think you have! I don't have a lot of followers, but more readers.

    Keep on blogging girl!! It takes a while to get all those followers and you will!!


    1. Kim - Thank you for talking me through this "stage" of blog growth. You are correct - I think today, my posts have been viewed over 1,500 times and the records show there have readers from around the world - which is boggling!

      Between you and me: (secretly, I'm happy not to have 62 "I agrees" and "your pictures are so beautiful" comments)

      Regarding your photo? (it's just right!) whaa'bout MINE! It's the only "in file" we had that "fit" the requirements (and we still don't know how that works!) And for some reason the same photo doesn't fit the restrictions for comment or Twitter photos?

      Hoping your Easter is sunny - Your black & white decor is FABU - But with Grandma's cake it's all perfection!
      (ok. keep track to see how many readers Hop on over from me to you....I see 2-3 nearly everyday from your bloglist)

      XO Cheers!

  4. A post in the true spirit of blogging! which, for me at least, is all about the networking and meeting interesting people and getting new ideas. I'm going to check out all the blogs you've mentioned.

    1. Hey hey Anne!

      What brought you here (way) "back in time"? I love the surfing part of blog reading too! And watch the ocean surfers when I beach walk. :-)



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