Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Polka Dot Dot Dots (Issue 3)

Scale is everything!

Architectural Digest April 2012   Richard Serra artwork on paper (over fireplace)   living room of (writer) Brad Goldfarb & Alfred Paredes (Ralph Lauren interior designer)  see here

New at West Elm
West Elm  designed by Maria Moyer

Marni for H&M

Drew Barrymore in Marni

H&M fashion show (on television) via Access Hollywood Live  3/6/12

Cute cut-out back detail ("LIVE" hosts Kit Hoover and Billy Bush

Winona Ryder in Marni

H&M  .   Sorry, this looks like it is SOLD OUT!

. . . Los Angeles' Sunset Triangle Plaza . . .
(click on title above to see photos larger)

Designed by Rios Clemente Hale Studios .

Green Dots Galore!

LA's first street to plaza conversion opened March 5, 2012  
. First car to crash into the Plaza planters occurred March 20th.

hmmm . . .
The Plaza project was "Paid for with funding from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention via the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health" *   * see here

 But it looks awesome!  I really do like it!  

Sunny colors !
via Serrena & Lilly  by Maryanne Quinn "Elephants In Orange"

via Serena & Lilly  by Wayne Pate "Rising Of The Setting Sun"

How DOTorable!

via Pigtown Design   Egg decorated in sticker dots - The Big Egg Hunt (sponsored by Faberge) London, spring 2012  
In celebration of Her Majesty's (Queen Elizabeth) Jubilee!

Dot-ishly simple for me to see dots.  Maybe it's like buying a new car and then you see it/them everywhere? !

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. mMm! love the first picture. Wish I had a house that looked like that!

    1. Welcome to my "Gang" Red! Your house doesn't look like that - even a little bit?

      Hey - other readers (who prefer to remain A-Non...) check out Red's blog contest

      (Can't believe I've just given my chances of winning more competition.)


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