Thursday, April 5, 2012

Collect This! - Caitlin McGauley

Welcome to my first  "Collect This!" column/post.  Today, "This",  is a "HER".....

Caitlin McGauley - artist and blogger

Traveling through Blogland (it is too a place!) one evening late as "late night" night, via Shelter (thank you Julie Richard) I was introduced to an artist who seems to be as fun a person, as her colorfully fun paintings.

That was early in January, and through many email conversations, Caitlin has sweetly and generously shared more of her activities with me since!

 (I love imagining that we live just down the NYC block from each other!  Though that's news to her....)

Caitlin has mastered (not just my opinion) watercolor painting
with a modern eye on traditional still life's, fashion and detailed interior studies.  Caitlin has painted commissions for blog pages and magazines including Lonny (she is a regular contributor), Kate SpadeTory Burch, (and more !)

Enjoy her new Spring series of limited edition giclée prints! 
Red Stripes
Still Life (Winter Series)  SOLD OUT

Collector's Room
Orchid Still Life

Images measure 9" x 12" printed on 11" x 14" paper and are a great value at $85 each. 

Self Portrait December 2010 from The Tory Blog

Self Portrait March 2012 from her blog, Caitlin's Sketchbook

Can you tell her life has changed ever so slightly with the birth of her first baby?  I think she is looking FAB and well rested!  Not too bad with a busy 8 month old in NYC.  (or any city....8 months is a busy time!)

Her talent is so highly regarded that opportunities have included on site, quick (sumi ink)"sketches" for ChristiesRalph Lauren (examples here), and others....  

This Special Edition is still available.....
 Silkscreen (18 x 24) $150 through Wayne Pate

At a Hermes event....

Caitlin recalled, "Hmm some experiences....well when Hermes hired me for my first event it was not to paint portraits. It was to sort of paint the atmosphere at the party. I am not a messy painter per se, but when I sat in their chair to begin, they told me it was a very expensive antique and not to get paint on it...I was a little nervous!


I was painting the waiters standing around, and champagne glasses etc, when an nyc socialite sat down in the chair next to me and asked if I would paint her portrait. I said sure, not knowing if I could actually get her likeness. As I was painting her, a small crowd gathered around, and it turns out I did an OK job. A line formed after that, and I ended up painting portraits from 6pm til about midnight! It was exhausting but exhilarating. I ran out of paper so people were handing me envelopes and scraps of paper to paint on. So from now on I keep my events to about 2 hours, and I make sure to bring enough paper!"

A New Project.....

Now available - Illustrated by CaitlinLara Spencer's book with Foreward by Kathy Griffin.

   Buy here

Are you having as much fun meeting (and now collectingCaitlin McGauley as I have writing about her? 

That completes my first "Collect This!" 
Looking forward to discovering and sharing more "Collect Thises" with you.

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Linda,
    Wow, I absolutely love her drawings and watercolors. There is something naive and simple about them that is so appealing. I'd love to own one someday.
    Another fun post. I always learn about so many cool artists and people from your blog!


    p.s. thanks for your note on mine too! I appreciate it so much.

  2. I am such a fan of fashion illustrations, and I adore her work...great images to start my week!!

  3. Linda, you are a doll! Thank you for the comment & for following :) I look forward to reading your blog :)


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