Friday, April 20, 2012

Dana Tanamachi

Parents, do not fret (much) if your child wants to draw for a living...... they may be as "retro creative" (my term) and commercially talented as graphic designer and custom chalk letterer

Dana Tanamachi !  

Check our her journal

Maybe you saw.....
Her cover for Oprah    February 2012

Or you were in NYC when .....  
Rugby Ralph Lauren store window  September 2011

Did you purchase .....
West Elm paperweights   Clearance priced NOW  here

Have you sipped ......
Winner of Double Gold (highest honor)
for Individual Label Design at the 2011 San Francisco International Wine Competition

Could you imagine ....
The alter backdrop !

And dream in color .....
Colored chalkboard paint

Don't you just ....
See time-lapse video of Dana at work  here

Cheers!  Linda

P.S.  I found out about Dana via "in LinkedIn TODAY " today, April 20th 2012.


  1. hope you get to come out to NYC and visit brooklyn sometime soon!!


    1. Kat, your blog is giving me the "nearly there" experience of actually being in the City. We were there last Spring w/our son (his first trip 19 yrs old). He had such a great time we nearly set up a job and place to live during our vacation! Maybe after college - 2 more years. :-)


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