Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Brings A Bargain!

Welcome to my favorite local thrift shop!

San Juan Capistrano, CA       more info here

What the bargain is:  Black transferware cache pot (possible lid missing)   

What it depicts:  Cocks, Birds of Peace and Bunnies

Where it was made:   Japan or China or ?  (see the mark below)

What makes it a bargain?  I paid:   $4.50

Spring Brings A Bargain!

View 1

View 2           Bird of Peace near top edge

Cock  (one of 4)

Bunnies or, Hares ?
Japanese (?) mark

Hey, wait a minute ......
Are those rifle barrels poking out of the bushes?

Are these Fighting Cocks? 

 Is this a rare depiction of a historic battle found in a Grimm's Fairy Tale?  (or, "Ancient Chinese Mystery"?)

Please weigh in with facts you have that will help solve many of these questions.

Cheers!   Linda   :-)


  1. Linda,

    Love this little pot. What a find! Wish I knew anything about that kind of thing. It's perfect for your daffodils!

    I just read the eggshell post. I am looking forward to seeing how that comes out!


  2. Love the blue and white planter! Great find and I hope you got a wonderful deal on it!



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