Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey Hey! Muse Request

Muse asks, "How do you change the look of your decor for the change in season?"  
(But Muse, you are very creative and have wonderful decor items in your "stash"...why do you ask me this question?)

Muse answers,  "I just think it would be a good topic for your blog!"

(O  kay ....  Thank you.)   

Living Room Side Board

Side Board (c 1947 American) and Foo Dogs (purchased in Japan 1950's?) both from Grandma's collection

Nature Terrarium

This is filled with Mt Saint Helen's glass balls in Winter
(from Glass Eye Studio see here)

Frog (with no name) skeleton

Hummingbird Nest   center bottom

"Sparky" & Unknownbird Nest   center top

The driftwood is from the northern Oregon Coast.  (I've seen them selling in a Laguna Beach store for $1 each.)  Crow & dove feathers and bird's nests were collected from our garden here in Orange County, CA.  

"Sparky" was a live mount project of the kids and Hubby - ("he's" been with, us pinned to cardboard, maybe 5 years?)

The tree frog skeleton was spotted by our contractor - just sit'n on a ceiling joist in the attic.  (The frog was sit'n.  The contractor was demonstrating his keen eye for detail!)

Sofa Table

Trees leftover from Winter Mantel decor - changed the pots

Paper & dried flowers from Michaels

The wicker balls were purchased natural.  I painted them orange at least 2 years ago...wonder if I have predicted the color of the year for 2014 yet?

Hubby and daughter individually asked, "Why is there an I.O.U. on the mantel?"

Because, we owe each other - a lot!

View looking back -  toward the foyer space

Thank you to Muse!  

For her inspiration in designing with restraint (Her limited color palate of white to black.  Limited budget?  Not so much - atta girl!)

And her NEED to see what I've accomplished down here in SoCal.  :-)

Cheers!  Linda

[original photos by Design In My View]

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