Monday, September 2, 2013

Girlfriend With Cancer Gets Picked Up From Chemo

It was my first opportunity to be Pick-Up Gal Pal.  
The next day "girlfriend" was scheduled to have a blood transfusion.....   
I did not want to be communicable

F.Y.I.  "HAPPY * HAPPY * HAPPY is a t-shirt from the A&E cable reality show "Duck Dynasty".  The quote, "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" is from patriarch Phil Robertson. (I call him the Cliff Huxtable/Bill Cosby of the 2010's)  

The Duck Commander Store here sells ALL the show product, and equipment for real hunters.
I assisted Santa, and put this shirt in my stocking last Christmas, "Oh, Santa!  Thank you!  It was on my wish list!"

As I waited for the call to drive up to the medical center door, I needed to use the bathroom.  Traipsing across the parking lot (from my tree shaded spot) a young man on a bicycle was crossing my path.  He broke his headset audio focus, looked at me with a smile and said, "I like your shirt."  I responded with, "I'm a BIG fan!, you?"  "Yes!", he grinned, as he peddled away.

Thank you Girlfriend for sending me this photo today.  I'll see you tomorrow.  My 2nd opportunity to pick you up from chemo.  I am honored to assist!

XO,  Linda   :-)

Dear Reader,  I have just learned about a glassybaby giveaway from Leslie of, Around The Table.  The sale of glassybaby's assist in funding cancer research, cancer patient needs and many other charitable organizations.

Go to her post HERE to enter to win.  If you don't know about glassybaby's go to her post and see what you're missing!


  1. Linda, You are a good friend. So nice of you. Sending your friend good thoughts. I read this a few days ago, but couldn't make a comment. May have been my computer. I will pop over to Leslie's blog and chek it out. Love glassybaby !


    1. Thank you Kim, I feel like a good friend when called to duty ;-)

      Is it difficult to navigate this format I've adopted? I would appreciate any feedback you have to share!

  2. Awwww, that is so sweet. I love it! You being so supportive and a true friend.
    I understand appreciate this post, because I just went through Ovarian cancer and radiation. This was my second time. The first time,I had chemo. I also have Thyroid cancer to deal with next. Linda

    1. Yikes! Linda, is your support team locked and loaded for your next.... if I don't want to say battle, what do I say.... dreaded adventure which will be guided by experts in their field? I have seen my girlfriend rally her troops with weekly email reports (sometimes posted by one of the inner circle) and then the troops organized the chemo week meals (an online registry) and other treats for our Girl Friend.

      Don't be shy, they are out there waiting to gather around. Sending healing prayer to you, Linda. thanks for visiting

  3. Wishing the best to your friend Linda. Thank you for supporting her .. and for supporting glassybaby.


    1. Gotta pass on the love - Girl Friend will soak in these best wishes like a grateful sponge. (eh, weird analogy.)

      Cheers to you Leslie!

  4. You're a great friend Linda! Sending good thoughts to your friend for a full recovery. xo

    1. Thanks Karen! Girl Friend has her dream team assembled and working together. She is in the chemo before surgery camp and everything is going as they all have planned.

      Keep in touch, it's nice to "see" you back :-)

  5. What a great and funny friend you are!

    1. Thank yooou. ;-)

      Reader, A Well Style Life has created the most envied guest room. I will begin washing my pillows tomorrow!

  6. Linda, I think I may have
    found my new volunteer
    opportunity. I can't think
    of a better way to honor my
    friend then to assist others
    who have travelled the same
    path. Thank you for your
    kind heart!!!

    xo Suzanne

    1. Suzanne, my thoughts are with you and your circle of friends.

      Inspiring a volunteer? That is the most positive result from any of my posts! Cheers to you!

  7. Yes, what a good friend you are, that takes time and kindness and selflessness and great good humour!...I often think about what friends would really step up if i got cancer or was sick, I'm sure its very revealing. Loving that t-shirt and the smile. And your new blogspot is very groovy - did not know how to work it at first but its very cool. (Plus you have some good gams lady!)

    1. Dearest J. Don't test us! but, I think you would gather from all 'round in a time of need.

      My Girl Friend is "the one" who has stayed connected to her high school friends (a drivable distance from home) and can't walk a block through town without running into someone who she knows (and knows well). Lucky for me she took me under her wing when we moved here.

      Thank you for the gam complement. I think this is my first post with a fashion photo! (remember: must adjust modest length skirt as automatically as I fasten my seatbelt)


  8. I would want a girlfriend like you on my side at a time like this. I've been going through past episodes of an American TV series I just discover in the UK, Breaking Bad. It becomes apparent how you need good people/family around. Well done you.

  9. Thank you Di. :-)
    I have not watched Breaking Bad, but I regularly enjoy BBC's Top Gear. Used to be an avid follower of Ground Force and BBC's..mmm, the one where the two teams assisted neighbors in remodeling a room in each other's home. What was it called? Anyway, I really miss those characters!
    Welcome to my page, I look forward to having you back soon. Cheers!

    1. Ooo! I just noticed you are my Follower #29 - Yipee! The committed ranks are growing :-)


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