Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Projection Art - Dancing With The Stars - Quick Look

I can not believe that my post from last May (here) is garnering nearly 300 views a week during this 16th season of Dancing With The Stars!

Credit goes to the designers of the projection art decorating the dance floor during most of the competition this season.   (Apologies to DWTS designers I couldn't find a reference to who you are!)

During Tuesday night's featured
Macy's Stars of Dance we were treated to a new use of projection art.

The pattern seemed to follow, or direct, the path of the dance choreography......

We had to say ¡adiĆ³s! to American of Mexican descent, Welterweight Boxing Champion, Victor Ortiz and his partner, first time DWTS pro, Lindsay - when they ended up on the bottom in this week's viewer voting.

A personal aside:  when searching info on Victor, I have learned that we (may*) share the same birthdate in January!  That is always fun to learn about someone!

found via Google or an affiliate

Slow, Quick, Quick    Slow, Quick, Quick    Slow, Quick, Quick

*Due to recent events in news organizations false reporting of suspects, and the New York Stock Exchange computer automatically selling off stocks due to it's ability to read news headlines AND hacked tweets from the Associated Press - Victor and I MAY NOT share the same birthdate.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Interesting Linda! I assumed he'd be eliminated although I was hoping Sean would go. He gets on my nerves. Why is he always taking off his shirt? He's sure making the most of his "fame" at the moment, right? I had to check your prior post too (missed it). Fun show and manages to get my mind off of the daily grind.


    1. Leslie,
      More than a guilty pleasure I REALLY like to get off the couch and Dance! Monday's Stevie Wonder Night with him there to sing live was great television - nearly like the variety shows our parents enjoyed when we were little.

      Can anyone get Carol Burnett and Tim Conway back for a reunion? And when Flip Wilson dressed as Geraldine my Dad would laugh so hard he looked like he was going to roll out of his chair and onto the living room floor!

      Good to hear from you and nice to know that Spring is on it's way to Seattle :-)

  2. How funny - I have never never watched this - but follow all the people in magazines and blogs etc. I checked on your previous post - how fun!

    1. You laughed? Of course you laughed. It was funny! :-)

      So you are a Reality Competition Show Stalker via People Magazine..... I think that's still like watching. Good attempt at "rising above" though! And when girl friends ask what you did last evening you simply answer, "reading". Leaves a very different image than my answer, "dancing to the music on DWTS".

      Envious of your All Gals travel group!

  3. I love DWTS...never miss it! They do an amazing job of creating some pretty awesome sets for a 1 1/2 minute dance. Pretty fancy :)

    I too was hoping Sean would get eliminated...he's annoying. Victor was a cutie and tried so hard.

    P.S. I love the old Carol Burnett Show! And yes, I was dancing in my living room to all the great Stevie Wonder songs!

    1. Karen, We have a date! Knowing I am not alone while dancing (alone) during DWTS. :-)

      Looking forward to more touring, as you post your house hunting experiences. Good luck with the next one!

  4. Hey Linda, Just taking a minute between DWTS to comment! How funny! Last week's show with these lines was so cool! I've never seen anything like that before. I was sad Victor got voted off because he was sweet. I think Andy seems so nice too. I'm guessing one of the girls will win..

    Love that you are getting a lot of attention for your post! You always have unique things.

    1. And I had just clicked over from "The Voice" - love it too!

      Andy had a great run and showed massive courage (like Louie Anderson on "Splash") he deserves to be very proud of himself.

      Kim, you are always so generous with your complements and love - thank you, Thank You. :-)


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