Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Can't Get Off Instagram

I don't want help.                            

I don't need help.

I found Instagram.

I learned Instagram.

I love Instagram.                        

I need Instagram.

Instagram is my new friend, habit, creative outlet, connection to like minded visually stimulated brilliant observers of life.

And there is #NOTHINGwrongwiththat 

Join me or just look in and follow me.....


Some of my favorite # (hashtags)    #blackdog  #socal  #barnporn  #cloudysky   #socal #portland  #tbt (throwback thursday) (a photo taken before that day/moment, preferably vintage)

My favorite images are sky, sea, cups of coffee (not so much mine as others), food and the preparation of meals, architecture, art, design, trees,.... no limit really.

It's too early in the Instagram game to list images I am not interested in... as I have learned on social media to be polite.

I feel that blogland is again calling me to write.
I look forward to separating, pulling myself away,
taking maybe an entire day away from....

But that would be like a day without texting instead of calling. 
I must give it a try.  Or join a 12 step program.

Cheers to our future!  Linda  :-D (I still don't Emoji)


  1. We have to get onboard - it looks like great fun!

    1. It is great and fun. And as Betty White said of Facebook, "...a great waste of time."
      Go in-stagram with caution I don't think there is a way out!

  2. It really makes every photo better! Will see if i can follow you, not sure if i know how. I just use it to sweeten up my pics

    1. Jody, which @ are you?
      To find me click on that North Star icon, "EXPLORE" will be at the top, then "search users and hashtags" and highlight "Users". That spot at the top "Search for a user" type in designinmyview and it will pop up at the top of the list, then touch me (tee hee) and my page will be visible.
      I am quite sure you didn't need those directions... but, they were so fun to work through as if you did need them!

    2. Ok great - will do when my instagram tech person (tallulah) gets back from her sleepver.

  3. Such a cute post Linda and thanks for the support with Savvy Sleepers too. I have to admit it took me a while to get into instagram, but once I followed fun accounts and learned the hashtag thing, I love it too. It's a great time killer too when I'm stuck on a train or bored waiting for a meeting too. :) Gonna find you now and follow.


    1. Dale! I have a set of your pillowcases and found them through Kim of Northern California Style - on her Instagram feed! :-)
      Wish hashtags and @ signs could link this conversation to her now...



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