Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fall Away

Yes, Fall was put away weeks ago.

Just wanted to share how great it looked!


My new favorite beer -  with 1/8 of an orange sqeezzzed in!

Pie Crust
Have made 4 pies this season - hint: look for Ina Garten's "way" with orange zest.
I use 4 granny smith and 4 macintosh apples.
Only 1/4 c brown sugar, 1 1/2 teasp cinnamon, 1/2 teasp ? nutmeg, 2 tablesp flour..... 
.... good luck following THAT.

On our street.... new neighbors sharing their crop.
They have a new baby.  Could you tell?    :-)

Same evening walk - I saw the moon and it saw me (it's an old song...)

If you look at your screen from the side - the moon is just to the right of the palm tree.
Hubby was in having a colonoscopy.  This was my view sitting in the car.  (Newport, CA)

Owl selection from Tuvalu in Laguna Beach, CA
ah, they had MORE.....

My Living Room - - - The Beach

Yes, the vintage cafe chairs remain primer brown.
The splash near the surfer is a pelican feeding!
Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, CA

We can now describe my color palate as "SoCal Beach in the Fall" - this is a discovery!  :-)

Cheers!  Linda


  1. Linda,
    I'm sorry I've missed your blog. Just been swamped lately. Your home looks so California. Love your style!

    I have been to Tuvalu. Great store..

    Thanks for your note on my last post. I do always love hearing from you. It has been so nice finding you this year. I'm grateful for your friendship!

    Wishing you a happy holiday.


    1. Happy New Year Kim!

      Thank you for visiting and continuing our communication - YOU are a great friend. I have just returned to my desk after a wonderful car trip to the Pacific Northwest for Christmas (with Family) and New Years (with Friends).

      Life is Good. :-)

  2. Beautiful photos Linda...all of them. Want to see more of your gorgeous home. Those last two photos..your living room and the beach, wow it is exactly your color palette! That's pretty those colors by the way..

    1. Thanks Karen - i Phone pics can be "ify", but it is so easy to snap away - I wonder if I'll ever carry a real camera again.



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Cheers! Linda


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