Saturday, January 12, 2013

Color Hit

Short and SWEET

Original artwork (left and right) by my niece Marissa - these are "old".   She creates so rapidly her technique is always changing and when she sends me more, I'll share them with you!

Painted firewood via the blog Slim Paley.  Her post "Fully Saturated" is an involved trip through Colorland - you should visit there!

Click over to my post "Please Don't Light The Fire" to further scratch your decorative wood itch.

Cheers!  Linda  :-)


  1. What a talented family you have, are her pieces made with tissue paper? Really fun!

    1. These are simple felt pen on lined paper.

      She has a wood assemblage that I have asked to purchase. But my Sister and Brother In Law are keeping it for now!

      Marissa, if you're reading this.... see. I told you so! :-)

  2. Such a unique style and great talent - love the firewood!! Thanks for visiting our blog - happily following yours!!

    1. Thank you #23 (follower #23) - Welcome!

      I have been following you for quite awhile - why do you think that you don't show up on my "list"? I will gladly make the necessary changes - let me know.


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