Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 - The Stuff "They" Don't Talk About

This is not a fashion review. 
"They" know who's wearing who.

Nor is it a movie or television critique. 
"They" live to advise you.

 It is, the hit list of items and moments in my view last night.

Helen Mirren, though her hair looked great....
("They" said that too.)

I noticed, that Moet Champagne Sipper !
yep, that's what they're called - Sippers

A dealer in the UK, and their listing on Ebay, shows the sipper in black with gold,
not Golden Globe gold with white.

All "They" talk about is The Red Carpet 

And I notice.... 

Giant White Heat Lamps !
I told you size scale does matter - see ?  "They" say that too....

Helena Bonham Carter (Les Miserables)
and Lorne Micheals (Saturday Night Live)

"They" say, a lot of business gets done during Golden Globe commercial breaks.....

I hope she said, "Yes".  To his request for her to Host SNL!

this begins the HBC to Host SNLCampagne Champain  Campaign

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda,
    You're back! So happy...ALways love your view of things. I thought Helen Mirren looked amazing. Helena Bonham Carter always stays true to her look and I love that... Aren't those heat lamps cool? I want one for my yard. I noticed them at a restaurant I went to last week. I thought they were outdoor lamps..I wonder what they cost. They're much prettier than the usual ones..What's up with the guy guzzling on the Red Carpet? Funny!

    Hope all is well and you had a good holiday. Happy New Year!

    1. Those heat lamps! I spotted them watching tv this morning in black - at "The Last Stand" movie premier. Have not found a source for them... yet.

      Helena Bonham Carter - How does she choose characters who also have her personal style? Crazy! (in the best way)

      Can we really call Him the guzzler or The Sipper - A personal choice or Amazing Product Placement ?

      Thanks, it's good to be back. :-)

  2. Muse (who continues her refusal to create a Blogland image) sent me this email:

    THAT one rocked. ;)

    Thank you Muse!

  3. what a great invention...a sipper. Thanks for the eye opener :)

    1. Mary Ann, how great to have you as #24! (as in 24th Follower)

      And you're funny too. :-)


  4. I liked Helen Mirren's hair too! And I did not realize that the giant white lamps were clever!! I just thought they were lamps...too funny.

    I'm off to check out your blog since this is my first time here. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! :)

    Have a great weekend...

    1. Hey hey! Welcome Karen :-)

      I did have a great weekend.... and now another is around the corner - yipee!

  5. Those were heat lamps?? How did you know that? Great eye Linda!!

    1. Annie, thank you!

      Your New York area posts are killing me - it is my most favorite big city eva' - someday I hope to live there for one entire year.

      I have other One Year places too, so that is all the time I can dedicate to The Big Apple. If I get through the list I can always start back through and repeat the best.


  6. Ha! Love that you spotted the sipper! What an amazing device. Love everything about Helen Mirren, including that her face moves like it should!

  7. I feel so "in the know" now that I'm informed about the champagne sipper! Who knew?! :-)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and comment!


    1. Informed is one thing - now we need to have them on hand. :-)

      Your blog is amongst my favorites... so happy to have you visit me!



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