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Nantucket Reds - Regional Summer Fashion

Is it pink or salmon?  No, it is faded Red.  

Wikipedia says, Nantucket Reds are originally inspired by cotton trousers worn in Brittany.[2] A characteristic of Reds is that they fade to a "dusty rose" as they age.[2] 

Reds are worn predominantly by summer residents of Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Cape Cod in place of khakis or chinos.[3]    

Men's slacks are just one Nantucket Red fashion statement 
Murray's Toggery Shop located on Main Street in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  They developed the pre-faded red to skip the time it takes a pair of old favorites to look as though they've been through fishing trips and cocktail parties for many summers, and now are finally this faded dusty rose.

A color that real men wear confidently in coastal areas of Massachusetts.  

So do the ladies...

My Mother (4th generation Oregonian) would LIVE in this ribbed turtleneck nearly* year round, if only she had visited Nantucket and had it in her collection.  
(*Turtleneck season runs mid September thru mid July in western Oregon.)  

A wise clothing purchase while on vacation can give you creditability of being from that place.  Ordinarily, a logo t-shirt is the example, but If you have a pair of Nantucket Reds you could claim that you were a native Nantucketer! 

Wear your Reds when you are 

Beach Combing. 
photo credit The Daily Prep

See them worn by
University Couples,

                                                                          photo credit via Uscoop 

University Boys

                                                                           photo credit via Uscoop 

and Post Grads.  

photo via sunshine and a little pink

Wedding Party's 
Who Wore It Best?

These jackets were described as both Searsucker and Linen
 depending on the site using the photo.... a very popular image!

Reds before washing and fading.  

                                                   photo via Well Prepped

My fictional wedding guest made it his own - well done chap!

                self portrait photo credit Life Through Preppy Glasses

Summer Romance in Nantucket Red Bermudas.   

                                                                       photo via Northern California Style 

The Classic Preppy baggy pant style...  

                                                                                photo credit via Uscoop

Reds transition well into Fall paired with plaids & wool tweed.

                                                                                            photo via College Trad

If you drop the "s" 
we are no longer talking about Nantucket clothing, 
but we do have a unique color.

Nantucket Red is found in.....


Aura's Ticking Stripe in Tomato    via

West Elm's Lotus Pink   via

and Gardens.

                                                                                                                                                  photo credit Some Cozy Night

                                                                                          Some Cozy Night

My personal collection...

Dog Bed, Dish Towel and vintage a past season Boden Rainy Day Mac

My latest dumpster pick.
 I'm thinking it could be something other than a worn out air hose.

Our #1Son in his J. Crew shorts (his favorite retail store) and garage sale vintage hawaiian shirt. 

He calls these "pink".  His lifeguard trunks are "reds".

If you know someone at J. Crew in the modeling division please submit this photo.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

The Murray Family of Murray's Toggery Shop on how the tradition of Nantucket Reds began...


  1. I don't know anyone in J Crew but tweet them!

    1. Naomi, "We" lay low waiting to be discovered.

      Sticking to the path of education, career search, marriage, family, friends, "regular life" activities. Though always ready to be discovered!


  2. I haven't seen these in clothing much by me, but I HAVE seen them in summer bedding! So soft and worn and casual- well-loved.

    1. Andrea, It is VERY cozy bedding - a look that sets a great mood.

      Thanks for visiting! :-)

  3. Linda, I love Nantucket Reds. I just asked my husband if he wanted a pair, he said he's not "old enough" for them yet (?) I'm sending your post to my son to see if he needs a pair for back to school. That wedding shot is fantastic. LOVE the red air hose, can't wait to hear what you do with it...

    1. Emily, If we have married the same man he wants to avoid the attention of being the first in his circle to have standout style. Maybe we could get them back into 501's? (yummy)

      Our #1 Son is the standout fashion attention seeker. Though his,"I really need them", white jeans have not been on public view. Yet.

      Happy Summer!

  4. okay, Murray's owes you a kick back fee, I just outfitted the family with Britton {that's what I've always called them} Reds!!

    1. I see a Christmas Card photo in the making!!!!

  5. I'm going to send this photo to jcrew immediately! What a character:) Great look but I don't think I look good in reds.. faded or otherwise. My husband is a traditionalist and I am forever trying to get him to introduce color into his wardrobe. {I like the Christmas card idea!}

    1. Leslie, "we" are holding our breath waiting for the JCrew call. ;-)

      This could be the traditional color for both our men (ha!) to store in the back of their closets. Hubby and I were surrounded by true Prepsters in college - their use of color rubbed off on me more.

  6. I love this color but since I've never been to Nantucket, I didn't know! I will be shopping for my own pair of bermudas. You know, the NC prep uniform is khakis and a baby blue shirt but I have no issue with someone thinking I'm a Northerner...just for a little while. Great post, Linda. I'm off to shop!

    1. Thank you! You'll look great in this color with your perfectly white hair. Let them know where you found out about their bermudas. Cheers!

  7. Linda, I don't know how I missed this post. What a terrible blogger friend I am.:(

    I am crazy for this red color! You know I never really had it on my radar before, but now that you've gotten this together, I'm crazy about it. I love a man who can wear some color for God's sake. It looks great! I only see it on French guys around here. By the way, your son is pretty cute in his outfit! Love his flair!

    Hope you have been having a good summer. I love this new blog style! I saw it before and almost thought about it. No one is brave enough to do it. You're a trail blazer Linda!!


    p.s.Thanks for the blog link! Going to share this cool post on my facebook page!

    1. Kim, You're surrounded by FRENCH Guys! Why care about what hubby is wearing? :-)

      Should I take credit for the new design, or admit I got tired of trying to figure out how I want the page to look and quit at this point? With your brave trail blazer compliment I'll go with, "Thank you it's one I've been working on for awhile, happy to hear that you approve!"

      Let me know the gazillions of visitors you get from my link to you. Cheers!


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