Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travel Photos At 83 mph*

You must be the passenger to be the photographer during a car trip.  As we all know (but see others dangerously attempting) the driver can not safely navigate the road while texting, "he" can not be safe while attempting to take photos either.

*From my view in the front passenger seat the speedometer is slightly distorted so 83 mph is only an estimate.  Hubby may defend that it is highly exaggerated and inaccurate estimate.

This is my selection of best photo images taken during two legs, UP and BACK, of our recent car trip to The Oregon Coast.  
17 hours UP.  16 hours 5 minutes BACK.  One week apart.

We are always traveling in the FAST lane.  Most often that is the left lane (way out here on I-5 there are only two lanes) and planing the shot takes timing between cars and trucks and elements not so pretty.  The bit of garbage in the ditch (above) is not ideal, but that oak placement is pleasing perfect.

We love these hills in winter* or summer and each time act like it's the first time we've ever seen them, "Take a picture!" 
(note the glare in the upper left corner, it's the reflection of something inside the car - NOT desirable) 

*Road conditions usually affect the speedometer reading, thus wintery snow photos have a bit longer opportunity to "set up".

Zooming in is the most useful tool for eliminating other vehicles who share the road Freeway with us.  Or as we have come to call them, those "locals in the slow lane" who have no clue they are slowing the progress of interstate trade and commerce.  Did you know that semi-trucks are not supposed to use the left passing lane?

This image surprised me - At first I was disappointed that the roof of the barn was not captured, (I continue to be unprepared for some of these opportunities even when Hubby is completely aware of milage between landmarks like this one.)  and then pleased that the truck is so clearly centered.

  There is little warning to set up any shot as this barn is surrounded by large trees and may be round a hill then suddenly THERE.  And just as suddenly GONE.

This sky was the reward as we approached the Oregon Coast.  The dried bug guts on the windshield grossly illustrating how long this trip was, as did my flat backside.  Despite the slower speed on this small highway we reached Mom's house before the sun fully set - JOY!   

The only photo I took on our way home...  

... and it is my best in show/pick of the litter.  (even with the glare/reflection!)

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda, I always take photos out the car window. Makes the time go by so much faster..Yours are very good. I wouldn't know they were from a car unless you told me!

    We are off on a road trip today up to Pinecrest to camp. I'll snap a few too.

    Hope your trip was great! I know that road. We have driven up there many times.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for your note on the blog!!


    1. Kim, I look forward to the day that you and Jodi and I might meet for food and drink. And each time we blast past northern california fast I think, "Well, not this trip." :-)

      I have camping envy! Enjoy the coffee, pine air, quiet on the trails and that mountain summer dust that gets in your shoes and flavors the air. (yes. I like that!)


  2. I like the one of the truck...too bad you guys were going so fast! it is really hard to take photos from the car. At least we have digital cameras now, and can just delete, rather than throw away our tons of wasted film!

    1. Andrea of Town and Prairie! YOU are my follower #28! Congratulations! Ta da DA!

      I am only the passenger.... it is HE who goes so fast.

      Can you just imagine our parents rage if we were snapping away from the backseat with film that was going to cost maybe 11-18 cents per image? It was only later that the developer on the corner would rebate your bill for images out of focus or poor lighting.

      Welcome to my blog followers Andrea. I am very happy you are here. :-)


  3. Wow those are some really great photos Linda!

    1. Karen, I'm happy you liked them, thanks for letting me know. :-)


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