Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Thought I Saw A Tweety Bird...

Riding A Bicycle!

But after a bit of research....

I discovered that this, is a Tweety Bird on a bicycle.

Maybe I saw Big Bird on a bicycle?

A bit more research reveals that I may have seen the VERY rare.....

crested canary

Canary on a bicycle.

I did!  I did!  

Cheers,  Linda   :-)

photo credit in order of appearance #1 #2 #3 #4, #5 original photo by E.Hansen for DesignInMyView (I was driving) location:  Doheny Beach State Park, Capo Beach CA


  1. Linda, Too cute! Love him. Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Kim, I can report he did not fall under our tires, as we kinda spooked him when we pulled up along side to get his picture.
      And is the case in the bird Kingdom, his wife (mate) was dressed plainly.

      Weekend and Great always go together - you too!

  2. I cannot believe this post only has a comment from Kim. This is quintessential L"M"P. It makes me laugh and miss you, each time I come across it.

  3. ahhh, so sweet of you S.S.. I believe A LOT of readers laughed, just you and Kim laughed so I could hear! XO


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