Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

A happy day is on it's way.  Yippee!

I know this to be true because I saw it this morning in the water print....

left after washing the dog bowl.     :D

And #1Son called from the lifeguard tower (not on duty yet) to thank me for the egg sandwich and, the cinnamon apple scone.

And Lovely Daughter has been chatty and in my space, since enjoying her scone too.

As it happens I may have stumbled upon the antidote for premenopausal hormone sensitive teary outbursts - follow up quickly with scones!

Cheers!  Linda   :D


  1. The world does work in mysterious ways!! :))

  2. Muse via email: "Send me the apple scone recipe...stat."

    1. The best "store bought" scone eva' ! "Sconehenge" english tea scones, flavor apple cinnamon (I'm enjoying the cranberry/apricot too) baked in Berkeley, California. I found them on the bread island in Gelson's Market.

      At my advanced stage of, well, aging.... it was brief relief... there are only 4 scones in a package. We are sconers and the demand to score scones is high. ;-)

    2. Linda, Don't know how I missed this post! Something about that water mark...So funny! Anyway, scones cheer me up and I had the most divine one from Peet's yesterday, but I usually make my own. Not exactly low fat, but whatever.
      I get teary like that quite often too.

      Hope your week is good!

    3. Kim, homemade scones or biscuits are always our preference. But adding flavors or dried fruit is normally vetoed by the baker's watchers, and this day called for a radical change up!

      Always great to see you've been here :D Cheers!


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