Monday, November 12, 2012

Her Name Is....

Our first meeting with "Izzy" the stray found in Norco, CA living at the shelter since July....

Described as Border Collie and Chow Chow mix, female 1-3 years old.

.... not Oprah, Flo-Jo or LaToya.  Not Pie, Roe, or ......

Our (my) lists of possible names, 
many of them suggested on my request from friends and family.

For this new girl of ours.

After living with us for nearly two weeks.
Reminds me of another "blue" dog....


On advice from my niece Maryliah, the dog will either look like her name or behave like her name and that is what happened.  (Though, it took me a week! )  Any of these names are good, or great names for a dog.  But many of them, when I tested them out loud were joined with the adjective of "Sugar".

Sugar now lives happily as Bodi's guide dog - giving him competition to eat faster, jump up when I call his name, walk faster, and have a happy expression - 
he even plays with Sugar!

Two dogs heading back to the TV room.
Hubby says, "This is a great dog!"
 (yeah! )

Sugar's first walk along the beach.....

Seeing and hearing her first waves - yikes!

Watching surfers

Are you sure we're safe?
Happiness and relaxation when hunting squirrels!

This entry is not so much about Design as it may be about Destiny
and the sweetness that brings to our lives.

Find your Sugar, and smile!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Linda,
    We have 2 shelter dogs and they are so sweet. I never thought to name them what they truly are! Great doggie and looks like she's happy with her new family.
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

    1. Hello Karen! This is our 3rd pound pup (or as the kids call them, "Mom's Used Dogs") in 13 years. #1 came with her name Mooch, #2 is Bodi but could be Chewbacca, Aloysius Snuffleupagus (the mammoth from Sesame Street), or as my Uncle likes to call him Dobie.

      All have been great (we're 2 for 3 for intelligence), sweet, unique looking and possibly each long lived (Mooch was nearly 17).

      Thanks for visiting :-)

  2. Sugar is one lucky dog - she's in for a great life! Are you kidding? Look at that wonderful beach, it's a doggie paradise!

    1. Hey hey Jody! If only SoCal beaches allowed dogs to set foot upon the sand. :-(

      So we walk the trail/sidewalk along the beach & up and around the St Regis Resort golf course - a nice long loop with hills. Over the years I have spotted a group of dog owners who let their dogs run on the beach after sunset and the last lifeguard check. I may become a rule breaker as I get older.... doubtful.


    2. Oh really? How interesting! I wonder if they have that in Norcal as well. Don't think so as I've seen loads on dogs run along Stinson Beach!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne. :-)

      And thank you for being one of my new Followers who helped push me over that difficult to reach 20 mark!


  4. Linda,
    Sugar is beautiful and looks so sweet. Congratulations on finding her. How lucky she is to be in your family!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Kim,

      It's amazing how a new "baby" - though planned, anticipated and desperately wanted can disrupt, challenge and bring such joy to the "Mom". :-)

      Always great to hear from you! Linda


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