Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Imagining sunny skies for July 4th 
 and celebrating the joyful honor of being American!

Memorial Day Flags around Rockefeller Center 2013                                                  photo by DesignInMyView

My emotions well-up with pride so deep for our history, and hope for our future, I feel it hit me physically in the heart every time I hear our National Anthem, or see a Veteran walking in a parade.

We fly our flag everyday.
Appreciation for it's symbol of the foundation of our country is easy on days of celebration.
It's all the regular days when we enjoy the visual reminder, as we come and go freely.

Front Garden San Juan Capistrano                                   photo by DesignInMyView

We are readying for a visit from #1 Son's babyhood, childhood and now college aged best friend who is entering his 4th year in the Air Force Academy.  When I give him my Momma Bear hug after his long drive tonight, I know my eyes will well-up and that seizing in my prideful chest will nearly stop my breath.

I heard a great suggestion for our 4th of July Celebrations 
and want to share it with you....
Print out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it aloud to the group you have gathered. 

I'm planning on making a few copies and have each generation at our picnic read a section. 
God Bless America!

Cheers!   Linda   :-)


  1. Dear Readers, also consider reading The Constitution even, if only, to yourself.
    Cheers! :-)

    1. My brother was all for this idea! But when he went to find copies of both mentioned above... he thought them too long and chose The Bill of Rights.
      Short, enlightening and conversation stimulating for content and vocabulary (equally for those under 13 and over 50). Success! :-)

  2. Linda, What great ideas. I feel the same way you do about being American. After my travels I am always so appreciative to come home.

    We truly are so lucky!


    1. Kim, America is the country others flee to for very good reasons.

      I hope this new generation of immigrants and those born here (who may be the 6th generation in their family) continue to build on the idea of working for their success. Giving back when and to whom they chose, whether with their time or money.

      Welcome Home to your personal cozy nest! :-)


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