Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Bag Contains A Balanced Life

What's in your one bag after a quick stop at the Market?

Sable & Rosenfeld  vermouth "tipsy olives";  Santa Barbara Olive Co. handstuffed Garlic Olives;
Beyond Gourmet unbleached coffee filters;  Martini & Rossi extra dry vermouth;
Tazo "zen", "passion" and "china green tips" teas.

These are the contents (none added or taken away) of my single bag from today's grocery-ing.

As usual, I was shopping without a list.
Only one item made the trip necessary.  (We only needed coffee filters.)  Special save the planet unbleached coffee filters that we find only at this particular store.

And then I got the impulse to make some additions!  (famillar?)
On my way to the coffee aisle I wandered down the tea aisle.  Inspired to continue resume my cuppa green tea a day + an herbal in the evening I thought,  Why not add a few more to my collection?

Fortunately (as in, great gobs of profits) for the market, I roamed toward the many offerings of olives.
(Hm, they are very healthy for me so why not get more of these too?)  Not exclusively for cocktails of course, but necessary in most gin or vodka martinis.  Must never run short, so two of those...

Once I heard my mother tell of a guest who exclaimed (to all within earshot) that moms vermouth had spoiled.  Don't know how her helpful guest could tell, but not wanting to EVER face that same horror I picked up another bottle for my liquor cabinet closet.

As I do (do you?), I surveyed my purchases as the cashier rang them through.  I caught her attention with some small talk, "Looks like a balanced selection?"  "Good with the bad (not really BAD, bad - just naughty?) and each for different times of the day!"  She agreed, "yes" and added a big warm smile for emphasis.  I smiled back.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Uncle Gary's Minnesota Mule 
(kinda BAD - but in the good/naughty way)

 a double oldfashion glass 3/4 full with crushed ice
2oz citron vodka
2oz gin
cap full of dry vermouth
2 garlic stuffed olives
Pace yourself getting through this or split with a friend
 (my friends have not been around when I've had one - now we're back to kinda BAD, in a very good way)


  1. Replies
    1. Karen, it could be the signature drink at your house warming party!

      Looking forward to seeing more of your new place, it's an adventure we can all relate to. :-)

  2. I used to buy the S&R tipsy olives, love them. Haven't seen them lately. I've actually been thinking that it's something you could make/can....what do you think?

    1. Emily, welcome Home! I still want to hear how you go about taking off to live in another country. We have stalled out trying to travel out of the country for a regular vacation length of time. ;-)

      I considered simply emptying the brine from a jar and filling it with vermouth. But as I write this.... it should be a brine and vermouth combo.... do you have a percentage suggestion? Then let it sit in the fridge for - a few days?

      This is a fun problem to have! :-)

  3. and if you were to ever attempt to order this at an eatery. Just cut to the chase...and order..."One gin martini, one vodka martini, and one highball glass with ice". Then pour them both into the highball and watch your table mates, give a social smile, squirm or cheer!


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