Saturday, June 8, 2013

New York Street Fashions My View

The Thursday before Memorial Day and I am over the moon in New York City, surrounded by our sidewalk view of Central Park South and enjoying breakfast at Sarabeth's.

photo via Amy D. on Yelp

Our table was under the window in the far corner and I was seated facing the on coming sidewalk traffic.  Between bites of scone and sips of coffee I attempted to snap the mornings street fashion.... not as they approached, but as they passed by, I'm not The Satorialist!

I am a bit like The New York Times, Bill Cunningham, in that "The problem is I'm not a good photographer. To be perfectly honest, I'm too shy. Not aggressive enough. Well, I'm not aggressive at all." (quote from Bill) 

oops.  really poor photography.  i-phone held incorrectly.  i guess.
I had about this much view (minus the waitress) to then time my shot as my "subjects" passed by here....
a quick shot between mom's chair and the planter box
This gal is very hopeful the day's weather will turn better than predicted.  We experienced heat into the 70's and thunderstorms with flash flood warnings, but we were out all day. 

Young moms pushing strollers were spotted wearing shorts
or skirts with knee high rain boots in all colors and patterns.  
I do like the rubber "wellies" better than Uggs.

Black and White stripes with black leggings....

now the movers are set-up and slowing down my subjects.  a bit.

Great Bag in a vivid color can make coming back from a workout fashionable....

Men's fashion - admire the hat and jacket-less combo....

We did notice a grand parade of flat shoe styles....

the double bag look is hard to pull off

Blond pony dressed in all black layers.... 

just to describe how distorted these photos are:  she is very tall and very thin

Black with a POP of color.....

Hello sis!     more coffee?

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Love your interpretation of NY Style and Bill! He would have called her a blond pony as well :)

    1. Naomi - You must be "on" 24-7! With all your comments on other's blogs and your timely posts (I have been lagging a bit recently).

      You're the sweetest, and more than a "good post" commenter - thanks! :-)

  2. A part time job in front of the computer helps plus the ipad! never without it! :)

  3. More NYC, please! Still loving the memories. Seastor...

    1. Yes, yes! They're here just not spiffed-up. Still need Mom's pics....



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