Saturday, August 4, 2012

Advanced Style with Ari Seth Cohen AND His Ladies

Advanced Style blog is my way of looking forward to nearly embracing my early stage of aging.  "Ari's Ladies" have wisdom, good health, full lives, and share it with us all in great style!

Ari Seth Cohen
The blog features photos of Advanced Style that Ari captures as he walks about the sidewalks and parks of New York City (mostly), including short video interviews which allow us to hear the voices of each beautiful soul as they share snippets of their style stories.

"Advanced Style" The Book

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Laguna Beach, California has a stylish lady too ....

"Unknown Fabulous Gal"
attending a 2012 show opening
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art

I do not know her name.  I was surfing through event photos the other day and "grabbed" this in my excitement to "be Ari" for a (an incomplete) moment.

Last week I spotted her in person (real life!) as we passed through a narrow doorway together (opposite directions).  We were in Laguna on Monday for the Pageant of The Masters.  

This Lady and I were either shopping, looking for a place to have dinner, or it was the line to the ladies room at the theater.  I can not recall exactly, because I remember feeling a bit "star struck" by her presence.  A valuable missed opportunity to chat, that I will not let pass me again!

Here's to aging!  It's better than the alternative, so let's enjoy each moment.  
Looking as FabuLously StyLish as we want!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. My "valuable missed opportunity to chat, that I will not let pass me again" celebrity sighting... Middleburg, Virginia (circa 1989). Just purchased a Fox Hunting coffee table book, edited by Jackie O'. Heading across the street to visit my favorite shop owned by Kelly Klein’s (Calvin's now exwife)Father. (Would you call him a second hand celebrity?) Anyway, coming up to the corner to cross, I am standing with a women whose presence literally took the breath right out of me. Small frame, huge head, aged but her energy was something I have never in my life felt before. As we said our cordial hello, it was the tone of her voice that triggered my subconscious to realize that it was...Jackie!

    I did the same thing, struggled with the missed opportunity. But have savored every minute of the walk and hello. I don’t feel as though any conversation would have been as meaningful as just being in her presence. Gives me chills just remembering back. ;)

  2. Here's to being fabulously stylish as we grow wiser!

  3. Love Advanced Style! Very cool blog.

    Isn't it hard when you see someone like that? I once got to have my nails done right across from Audrey Hepburn at Elizabeth Arden in Beverly Hills. I was like 25 and she was so gorgeous, talked a ton. I was too star-struck to say anything. What do you say? We worship you at my house? Anyway, wish I did.

    Love Pageant of the Masters. Was lucky enough to go once. Neat venue and great people watching too.


    1. To "Someone" and Kim,
      Great stories! And with such classic stylish names attached! You both must chalk it up to being so young at the time of your encounters.

      If a moment like these crossed your paths now, I am certain you would start up a conversation and make a very different memory for yourself. :-)


  4. I love the idea behind "Advanced Style!" How fantastic. I would think most of these women (and men?) would be so interesting to talk to, so that video interview is such a great idea. I will have to check this out!


    1. Happy that you found this re-post (first posted around July25th) - technical error on my part! Still learning. :-)

      These ladies have great individual style and when you hear them speak - it's just so charming and lady like - truly refreshing.


  5. that woman looks so cool and more importantly - happy!!!

    1. Take a look in the mirror Girl! Your avatar shows your confidence well.

      Thanks for hopping around my posts again today. :-)



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