Sunday, August 5, 2012

DWR Neo Sectional In Our Family Room

"Mid Century Modern" lifestyle catalog Design Within Reach is also a financial reach for most lifestyles.

BUT.  When you are looking to purchase a piece that will be used every single day, by every single member of your family I recommend you save, save, save or reach reach reach to invest in quality.

Nearly eight years ago we reached and purchased the Neo Sectional (chaise left).

"Winter Cover"                                            photo by DesignInMyView

"Summer Cover"                                         photo by DesignInMyView
At the time DWR did not sell the slip covers separately - you purchased the color you wanted and that was that.  As is my pattern, I mulled and looked for other options that would have the look I wanted be less expensive.  Other options I liked were just cheaper.

In this case, mulling over and over compromised our choices when we finally decided to buy the Neo.  The color I wanted was the "winter" (not the real DWR name - I can't remember the real name) it had been discontinued!  We cautiously chose the very white "summer" (please don't hold me to these details).

While in Portland, Oregon for Thanksgiving we wandered into the DWR store (they are so cool) and there on the show room floor was Neo, chaise left in the "winter" cover!

me: "HEY hey!  THAT color has been discontinued!"  young salesman: "Yes. Ma'am it has.  We will be changing it out as soon as the new fabric..."  me: "yeh, so can I buy it?" young guy: "ah. n-no?  We don't sell just the covers..."  (oh yeess they d-id!)

Though a pain in the neck to wrestle the cover back on after washing (lots of velcro - super tight fit) I highly recommend DWR's Neo.  The down back cushions are very comfortable.  The foam is still in great shape.  Which means they used the highest quality*.  And now they sell in-stock slip covers!

*Double check this detail with any new furniture you may buy, as there was a big change in foam prices after Hurricane Katrina.  The storm took out manufacturing facilities and many furniture makers now use less quality foam to keep their prices low.  I learned this while working in an upholstery shop and we were replacing cushion foam in "new" furniture after just 2 years of use.

The Design Within Reach Living Room Sale is going on now.  

I know, 15% off of a lot is not that much of a discount.  It takes just a bit of the "sting" out.  

Cheers!  Linda   ;-)


  1. Linda,
    This is a great piece! Love it. How cool you can change out the covers! I need to get something like this next time. I have Pottery Barn now and I think their quality isn't as good as it once was.

    Thanks for the note on my blog. Hope you are enjoying Summer!

    1. Happy Summer to you Kim!

      When it comes time to upgrade your Pottery Barn it may be worth reconditioning with an upholstery shop. They strip it down and replace what needs to be new and you can choose your own fabric!

      It all depends upon the quality of the frame. Some upholstery shops also build from scratch - and it can be comparable to medium range new - plus you get to choose if you want the long wearing foam AND choose your own fabric. :-)

      Cheers! Linda


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