Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Become Kathryn M. Ireland's New BF

1.  Join her October Boot Camp

      (hustle! only room for 8)

2. Be fun (wonder if she's cocktails or wine)

3. Be casual, efficient, and creative

     (what will you wear?) 


Kathryn Ireland to host Designer Boot Camp 

in Santa Monica

Posted on Wednesday, August 08, 2012.

L.A.-based interior designer Kathryn Ireland, one of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, will host her own designer boot camp in Santa Monica from October 25-28. The four-day camp is capped at eight attendees.

The cost is $3,500, if paid 30 days before the start, or $4,000, which does include some meals but not accommodations. Events include shopping Ireland's favorite showrooms, discussions of design challenges and developing a floor plan with her guidance.

Fans of Ireland's comfortable, bohemian, colorful aesthetic will develop their own design and decorating skills while they learn from a charismatic expert.


  1. Pricey! Would be fun to go :) I have her book .. It's not my favorite but I do like some of her decor and fabrics.

    1. Hey hey! Leslie, it's good to have you "visit". :-)

      Pricey, yes! And because of that, it makes me very curious.... would I feel that I got more than my money's worth?

      When I read her "Summer In France", I enjoyed fantasizing about being that carefree, well-to-do and the adventure of her life and career. Kinda like how I watch the Olympics. I like to find sports that I could still do (mostly based on age) IF I really set my mind to redirecting my life.

      There is still sailing, dressage (I'd need a really good horse too), hm... I'll have to look at the list of Olympic sports - two options are not enough! :-)


  2. Linda,
    I would so love to do this, but as you said I wonder if it would really be worth the money? Did you watch her on Million Dollar Decorators? She's a hoot. I know from that she prefers champagne!!

    Linda, do it and then you can tell us all about it!! I'd love to read your version of her camp!

    1. Kim! Kathryn also offers her "Extreme Balance Retreat" at her home in La Castellane, France. Other than airfare, it is less expensive. We could share a room. There were two weeks offered this summer, both in August, the second one starts - tomorrow. Nutz! Maybe next year?

      Check it out here:

      I'll buy the champagne. Cheers!

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