Saturday, August 4, 2012

EFFEN Vodka and the "Easy Money" Ceramic Dog

The Hamley Steakhouse in Pendleton, Oregon for outstanding food, 1900's bank building atmosphere, and EFFEN vodka!

via urbanspoon            Hamley SteakHouse

via EFFEN Vodka
EFFEN cucumber vodka from Holland.   After one of the Hamley "heavy pours" I find myself getting joyful and loud saying, "It's effen good vodka!"

I enjoy mixing a cucumber and jalapeno pepper martini and though, EFFEN says nothing about jalapeno heat as an ingredient, my senses (real or imagined) picked it out.... combine that with great cucumber.  YUM!

My sommeliers at Gelson's recommended I check Albertson's selection of vodkas for my new favorite. And I will!  As soon as I learn where the nearest Albertson's could be.  I mean, is.

NOPE! (Can not end a sentence with a preposition!)

As soon as I locate my nearest Albertson's.  (aah, that's better)

"Just Browsing"  take 3 minutes and enjoy the movie scene here

Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci in "Easy Money" (you just gotta laugh!)

Dog I found in Stanford Court Antiques
San Clemente, CA

Movie Dog painted a bit differently,
but could be the same mold from Italy.

"No thanks, just browsing"
"Is this an odd or an end?"

"What do browsers look like?"
"Maybe I'm half browser?"

Drag the boys in your home or office over to your screen, click here, and have a good laugh!

It's summer.  It's the weekend.
It's really funny.

Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. I am now going to be on the look out for this Effen Vodka ;) Sounds like good stuff... especially if that jalapeno is the real deal! :)

    1. Amberly,
      If the jalapeno is not really there (it may have been my wishful thinking) - just add a small bit in your cocktail shaker and ENJOY!


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