Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keeping Wine Chilled & Wine Bottle Costumes

Chilled Wine Decanters

Italian glass 

currently offered by One Kings Lane       via hoot n'anny home
asking $79  down from $100

and now...

"Rabbit" Crystal carafe w/Stainless ice chamber
offered by metrokane     advertised in The New York Times Magazine        
also available in black and teal
$50 retail     

What's not new?
Both use ice cubes to keep wine cold.  hm.

Why does dressing-up wine bottles continue
 to "trend"?
See my previous posts on wine bottle clothes here and here. 

Entry in The Orange County Fair

Home Arts & Crafts 446
Sewing-Dolls, Toys, Wall Hang, Accessories
Doll, Toy or Animal
You must notice the title of this assemblage, 
"Hare Plugs"!

Wishing that Lorne and Danielle might be present.  I had so many questions.
And, I bet they're a hoot!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

Fine Arts .
a sculptural technique of organizing or composing into unified whole a group of unrelated and often fragmentary or discarded objects. 


  1. Hi Linda

    I love that green wine decanter! I wish One King's Lane shipped to Canada...disappointed again! ;)

    Just read your comment on my blog re: my son's bed makeover....funny thing....your sleuthing revealed that I had visited your blog because you left a comment on mine back in May about Paris doors! I've been blog-lazy all summer and have finally gotten around to checking out some of the links through my comments. Wish I had checked back sooner...loving your posts! :)


  2. Thanks Janet! I will be reading more of your past posts as well. Your photography tips (or as your husband may attest, obsessive details & suggestions) are really great. I need to get a camera, but my i-phone is just so handy....I know my photos should be better.

    I looked up that Paris door post (april 27th) - it is really a good photo group - others should check it out. Have you at least painted your front door a great color?



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