Sunday, August 12, 2012

Antique Shopping & Sunday Brunch

Back again to Stanford Court Antiques in San Clemente, California... I stop in often for my mental health.  Hoping to get a Doctor's note to make purchases more often!

Not too big, or too small, gilt chandelier with black "wax" candles - the draped strand of crystals is added (poor choice).   Maybe around $280.


Attractive Lady Portrait - pretty pink flowers in back ground - large, nearly square canvas.  She struck me as looking a lot like actress Sada Thompson from the 1970's television show "Family".

(extreme angle to avoid glare)          DesignInMyView
by Joseph Greenbaumn

Cast of "Family"

Sada Thompson

detail of frame                               DesignInMyView
Small (child size) cherry cupboard, raised panels.   Sweet!

$500-ish                         DesignInMyView

Mahogany i-Pad desk (right?!) or petite sofa table, how else would you use this unique piece?


Great price!

"Not Old" cut crystal or glass vase 11" high $75.

French Wine bottle, nearly 2 feet tall!

One last item before we EAT....

Massive perfection, would display the French Wine Bottle very well!

Brunch time!

Oven pancake, flowers from Son and his Sweetie - "Mom Heaven"                                                 DesignInMyView

Eating outdoors - just too Hot, again today.  ah, summer!

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

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  1. I agree with you on the Chandy, the draping didn't go well with the fixture! But otherwise, all the stuff in that store is gorgeous!

    1. Vel, thanks so much for visiting. I re-read this post just now and enjoyed it (again) myself! Also reminds me, it's been a month or two since shopping there - guaranteed to find something I must have!


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