Friday, August 17, 2012

New Vintage Cafe' Chairs - Help!

Need to paint my 2 for $25 garage sale chairs, so Hubby can screw/mount the new seats.  

Will you help me decide on the color?

currently Primer Brown

They REmind me of ......

Paradise Road, The Gallery Cafe, Colombo                                                                             photo by Slim Paley

Upholstered with my fabric which looks kinda a lot like this on the sofa.

The Kahanda Kanda Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka                                                                       photo by Slim Paley


"Do these stripes make me look fat?"

They will be those extra dining chair chairs. 
What color should they be?

I could hang them on hooks in the garage (because the garage is going to get organized - it should have room for at least one car when I'm done)  or I could use them....

HERE    &    HERE


I know that mine don't look like rams heads.


They do have bent knee "walking legs" !

Let me know soon, 'cause Hubby is itch'n to get started!  

Nah, but the sooner I get it on his "to do list" the more likely we'll have this project finished by Thanksgiving. 

Cheers!  Linda   :-)

The photos via the blog Slim Paley are from her post "Black & White Stripes Redux" posted April 5th, 2012.  Check it out and have fun exploring (for days) her other posts - she recently posted #400!


  1. Linda,
    Great find those chairs! I almost like them a bit better than the ones Slim posted. I would totally paint them black and the fabric is great. The chair looks great in front of that picture. Just love seeing your house. You need to post more photos!
    Have a good weekend!

    1. Ya know, now that you mention it.... mine are very comfortable to sit back in - the slats hold your back so nicely.

      The rams head style would let "one" fall through!

      I plan on taking more photos of my house, it's just that there are only a few finished "views". Good weekend to you too Kim!

  2. Muse sent me this via her i-phone.....

    "Black is just too boring???

    I just got into a black and white mood from your previous entry....

    What about a yellow and put them in the kitchen around the table? Are they comfy? Could one go at the kitchen desk and the other one in a vanity/bathroom/makeup counter?

    Shiny dark green might be cool."

    This comes from Muse who only has three colors in her home (and wardrobe) - white, gray and BLACK!


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