Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black & White - Off The Rack & Custom

Mama Phelps - Reaction to Michael winning medal #19
Her jewelry choice makes the statement - no gray area here!
                             DesignInMyView from the NBC Olympics broadcast

marimekko from  Crate & Barrel

cotton area rug from Crate & Barrel
similar cotton and wool Dhurrie
at Pottery Barn

marimekko outdoor poof    Crate & Barrel

"Authorized Art" by James McDemas                                         photo by DesignInMyView

As seen at the Orange County Fair 2012

 "Authorized Art"  (detail)                             DesignInMyView

tufted wool rug from Pottery Barn

Son's Silhouette 
Before and After

new mat and frame
as found from 1st grade


Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn
Ribbon Tables from Rios Clementi Hale Studios

My Summer Bag w/marimekko pouch                                 DesignInMyView

Handbag J. Crew

Pendleton Woolen Mills 
reversible Bedspreads

"Look to the cookie, Elaine!  Look to the cookie."
Jerry Seinfeld  "Seinfeld" 


Cheers!  Linda   :-)


  1. Well, I adore black and white ... so no argument from me! ;-)

    1. OH my goodness! FAMOUS Blogger comment! :-)

      Traci, Thank you so much for letting me know you're visiting my blog. THRILLing!

  2. Loving this post. My favorite is your bag with the scarf and the Marimekko wallet. So cute!
    Some great stuff here and I adore the breadspreads too!


    1. Thanks Kim!

      I agree that personalizing our blogs are what sets us all apart - it's that sharing of ideas that inspire our lives.

      Would you love to see the Pendleton bedspreads (were you hungry? "bread"spreads) in a very modern setting?

      Cheers! Linda :-)

  3. Pottery barn has a great selection.. I like all the geometric design. I remember seeing the top photo live.. What a great picture!

  4. Live? Ooo, tell the story!

    Leslie, Thank you for your summer travel posts - your views of food and drink are delicious. :-)



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